Our story

We created Friends Foundation to help make the non-profit sector more professional

Friends Foundation was founded by three companions: Gor Nahapetyan, Yan Yanovsky and Dmitriy Yampolsky in 2015 to help the Russian charity industry become more professional.

Having supported various non-for-profit organizations and individuals for years, the three friends have come to a realization that the non-commercial sector requires systematic changes.

Structurally, Friends Foundation is a “foundation of foundations”, a combination of opportunities, knowledge, resources and experience. We do not partake in direct support and assistance, we are not mediators between the donators and charity foundations, and we do not support the foundations during their entire life term, but instead we guide them to become more stable and self-reliable.


We aim to strengthen the charity industry in Russia in order to make it more professional. For that purpose, we aspire to boost the work levels of NPOs and foundations by attracting successful managers from different branches/sectors to their establishment and through educating their staff. We construct spaces and tools for fundraising, as well as for prosperous collaboration between foundations, businesses and the government.

Friends Foundation helps other foundations to adjust their operation

Friends Foundation helps other foundations to adjust their operation


Our main activity directions are described in the Projects section. Yet, as a true friend, the foundation does a lot of good beyond the official reports. We attempt to support our kin: share our knowledge, spend time on searching for the best solutions, where possible provide financial aid - basically act upon things as one does in real life: informally and in a friendly way.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

— William Shakespeare