Funds working with us

Podari.Life (a.k.a. Gift of Life) charity fund

joined June 2016

The Podari.Life (U.S.) / Gift of Life (EU) charity organization was created by actresses Diana Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova in 2006. Its main objective is to help children with blood cancer and other severe diseases and conditions. The fund raises money for the kids' treatment and rehabilitation, assistance to key clinics, social and psychological help for the patients and various informational projects.

“Life Line” charity fund

joined June 2016

The Life Line fund was established in 2008 after a charity program of the same name. The fund's mission is to save seriously ill children whose recovery is made possible thanks to advanced medicine and timely assistance. The fund finances operations on children all over Russia. 100% donations received by the Life Line fund are used to finance treatment.

Hospice charity fund “Vera”

joined June 2016

Hospice charity fund “Vera” (est. 2006) is named after Vera Millionschikova, the founder and head physician of Moscow's first hospice. The organization raises funds to assist hospices in Moscow and other parts of Russia, provide palliative care for terminally ill children, develop volunteering programs, publishing and public campaigns. The trustees board includes famours artists, writers, journalists, musicians and doctors. The board is headed by actresses Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė and Tatiana Drubich.

Foundation “Vykhod” (“Way Out”)

joined June 2016

Dedicated to helping people with autism, charity fund “Vykhod” was established by script writer, director, TV host and journalist Avdotya Smirnova in 2012. The organization does not provide individual help, but gathers funds for projects aimed at solving problems related to treatment and social rehabilitation of people with autism in Russia, as well as for projects providing them with necessary psychological and moral assistance.

Konstantin Khabensky’s Charity Fund

joined June 2016

The famous Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky founded his own charity fund in 2008. The organization specializes in helping children with cranial cancer and other diseases of the brain. Donations are used to finance physical examinations and treatment, purchase of medical supplies, execution of rehabilitation programs, assistance to medical practitioners in Russian hospitals, doctors’ professional training and consultative and advocacy work with parents.

The Naked Heart Foundation

joined June 2016

The Naked Heart Foundation was created by Natalia Vodianova in 2004 to help children with disabilities in Russia and abroad. The fund aims to create free support services for disadvantaged families and to build modern play areas that would be suitable for all children, regardless of their physical abilities. Additionally, the fund supports projects of Russian NPOs that provide psychological, legal, therapeutical and social aid to such families.

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