Funds working with us

«Artist» fund for culture workers

joined June 2016

The Artist fund (est. 2008) provides financial and moral aid to theater and movie actors of age in order to improve the quality of their living. Financial donations to the fund help implement various programs, charity events, provide personal help, attract public attention to the problem and more.

"Butterfly-children" fund

joined June 2016

Founded in 2011, the "Butterfly-children" fund aims to help children with Epidermolysis bullosa. Its main goal is to stop making the diagnosis sound like a dreadful sentence so that each fund’s protege could live a normal life. The organization raises money to conduct consultative and advocacy work with parents and doctors in Russia, fully support abandoned children with EB, provide social adaptation to affected children and their families, organize physical check-ups and treatment in clinics abroad, if necessary.

«Children’s Hearts» charity fund

joined June 2016

«Children’s Hearts» regional charity fund for children with congenital heart defects (CHD) was founded in September 2002. The organization's main program «One more chance!» aims to raise funds for invasive treatment necessary to cure CHD in young patients.

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