Bank of Time

The Bank of Time is a unique innovative platform of intelligent volunteering. It helps bridge the world of philanthropy and the corporate world. In other words, the Bank of Time platform allows funds to get free access to professional consulting. On the other hand, the people who desire to voluntarily share their time get an opportunity to be useful.

In practice, The Bank of Time IT-platform will join funds and intelligent volunteers. A fund or an NPO fills the brief, formulating a specific request, e.g. “We are doing a charity event and we need legal support"; "we are to organize a charity show and need PR-support”; “we plan to rebrand and we need a designer”; “we need to prepare the necessary documents to apply for a grant”, etc. Usually the staff of such funds is small, and there are no in-house specialists able to solve the aforementioned problems.

On the other hand, The Bank of Time aggregates professionals—these are the employees of the Friends Foundation partner companies. In fact, the corporate help is individual in this case, because it is always a single person who invests into The Bank of Time. Each of these «investors» of time and expertise has their personal profile within the platform.

Friends Foundation is not only the projects’ founder, but also an expert responsible for communication between funds and professionals as well as for the result. On the one hand, we control if all the objectives are set precisely by the so-called customers, and on the other hand, we supervise the quality of performance from the experts’ side.

If you do not have an opportunity to donate money, funds will be grateful for the gift of your precious time.

Project Status:

We have partnered with MasterCard and are planning to launch a beta-version of the Bank of Time platform in autumn 2017.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.

— Mohammed Ali