Educational Center

In order to improve the professional level of the NPO staff we assist employees and cover all the costs of education. In cooperation with leading schools and partners we develop new training programs as well as organize our own activities. Our operation includes a number of one-day events which should help the foundations improve their skills in fundraising, public relations, financial management and many other areas of NPO activity.

We have already conducted meetings with such professionals as a Northeastern University professor Rick Arrowood, an expert in the field of philanthropy; Dmitry Stepanov, Yandex media-service director; Helen Pinchuk, international projects director of the Mikhailov & Partners communication agency; Tatiana Nikulshina, one of the well-known industry leaders in strategic communications; Mikhail Chernyshev, marketing director of VKontakte; Roman Domonov, Uralsib Asset Management vice-president and some others. Furthermore, we are proud of our strong collaboration with Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and the British Higher School of Art & Design.

We are interested in enriching the field with more talented professionals and we understand that the competence of employees significantly influences the total professional level of the philanthropy organizationís work. This year the Friends Foundation contributed to the education of seven students who are participating in 2-year program developed by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and Skolkovo Moscow Business School.

The competence of employees significantly influences the overall professional level of the philanthropy organizationís work

Project Status:

The third module of the educational program developed in a cooperative effort between the Potanin Foundation and Skolkovo Business School, has been completed. Our guests will kick off their lectures in September. Other educational programs are currently being planned.

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