Team of professionals

Charity sector in Russia needs qualified personnel, but the resources of most organizations are limited. Therefore, we developed a program for attracting and integrating managing personnel into NPOs—a “Team of professionals”.

Friends Foundation takes on the functions of selection, implementation and payment of qualified managers’ services for charity funds. We pay these professionals’ wages, take charge of their coaching, help better understand the specifics of the sector, for example, through education. We are confident: if the non-for-profit organization is managed correctly, its model will become more stable, thus will improve the fundraising results.

Team of professionals operates as follows:

  1. The Advisory council makes a decision upon letting a charity foundation in on the “Friends” platform.
  2. The Advisory council analyses the work of the foundation in order to pinpoint the “points of growth”, as well as the aspects that require development.
  3. Together with the foundation’s team, the Advisory council develops a strategy and approves deadlines, milestones and the trends of the work are approved .
  4. The resolution of a certain task is appointed to the team of professionals or a separate crisis manager assigned by Friends Foundation.

Friends Foundation takes on the expenses required to pay the new employees and monitors their work. Ultimately, we expect a quality change of performance of the entire non-for-profit organization. Ideally, the appointed manager stays with the charity foundation as due to his/her efforts, the organization becomes capable of paying for their services.

The partner of this campaign is Morgan Hunt Executive Search, a leading international company which specializes in recruitment of upper echelon managers.

The competence of employees significantly influences the overall professional level of the philanthropy organization’s work

Project Status:

We are now analyzing the funds already connected to our platform to clearly recognize their needs in professional personnel.

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